Sunday, August 30, 2009

Penrose Park

The Church © 2009 Peek into My World

Penrose Park is a beautiful place situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales (in Australia). It is home to the Pauline Fathers. I still remember way back in 1992, when the Pauline Fathers had a humble small private chapel and monastery.
Stained Glass Window 1 © 2009 Peek into My World
One Sunday in Winter of 1993, we attended a mass in the chapel and afterwards, the priests invited us to have some coffee in the kitchen. It makes you realized life can be simple.
The Altar © 2009 Peek into My World
In mid-1994, thanks to the wonderful response of pilgrims who come to Penrose Park in large numbers, a beautiful church was built. The property grounds is also host to international chapels.  
Stained Glass Window 2 © 2009 Peek into My World

Its been over two years since we last visited and so today, we decided to take a trip to visit and attend Mass. 
Angel © 2009 Peek into My World

We love coming to Penrose Park because it is a sanctuary of peace for us.

International Chapels © 2009 Peek into My World


Michele said...

WOW! Loving the pictures! I can see why it is a sanctuary of peace, absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
~Michele from By Your Side

florence wang said...

Hello! I'm passing a couple of awards your way, because I love your blog so much!

Sheri Carpetenter said...

I love your pictures!!! Great Blog. I am following you now also