About Me

Hi there!
My name is Monique and I’m the designer behind Kikay Designs. I established Kikay in 2007 in my small studio in Sydney. I've always been interested in arts and craft and I wanted to channel the ideas in my head into something tangible … so I taught myself how to sew!

I have no formal training in design and I taught myself through trial and error. I want to be unique and so I also design my own patterns; all of my products are carefully thought out and handmade by me. One by one, each bag is sewn meticulously and with attention to detail.

Because I create my own patterns, and the fabric I source can be rare or discontinued, a majority of my bags are one-off or limited edition. More often than not, my initial idea won’t make it to the final product because I allow my designs to evolve gradually. And, the way I see it, mistakes are only creative accidents!
I have been featured in the Australian Homespun Magazine Feb 2012 issue (vol 13.2). If you want to try out making a bag for yourself, I have created an exclusive bag with step-by-step instructions in that issue of the Australia Homespun Magazine.

My bags are ever changing as I can't stand making the same bags over and over again. So don't be surprise if you find so much variety in my shop and if you love colors just like me, you'll have a feast because I go crazy with colors.

Honestly, I think I’d just get a little bored if I made the same kind of bags every day!

Thanks for dropping by!
~ Monique ~