Sunday, June 21, 2009

My SLR Camera Bag con Messenger Bag

Yay! I finally finished my camera bag.

5 Reasons Why I Love my Camera Bag:

1. It's not Boring.

Camera bags doesn't have to be boring. I've put some color in my bag to make it different and trendy. So if I bring my camera with me I don't need to bring another bag for my things 'coz this beauty can fit my camera, accessories and my stuff.
2. It's not Stiff

I hate stiff bags. Full stop.

All camera bags are stiff and super bulky. Not really my type. Yes, yes, I know there is a reason behind it but there are other ways of protecting the camera. My bag is made of suede fabric inside and out. It is soft and padded (inside and out) ... so luxurious.

3. It is Big, Bold BUT Light ... even when it's full

Most camera bags are so heavy and that is even before you have put the camera and lenses in it! But with mine, I don't have to worry about breaking my shoulders or my back.
And by the way, don't be deceived by its looks. This camera bag measures 12" x 11" x 5". It's so spacious, you'd be surprised how much it can carry.
4. It is custom made for me

I have made this bag to suit my needs. The straps are just right, I can use it crossover or as shoulder bag. Although some camera bags have adjustable straps, with my one, I don't have to put up with straps that's either too short or too long.

Inside there are 3 (padded) pockets for the camera body and 2 lenses and there's more than enough space for my personal things such as wallet, keys and more. There are handy pockets on the sides and in front for other accessories. Hey, I'm not Rambo, so I really don't need 100s of unnecessary pockets!

5. It doesn't look like a Camera Bag

The last thing I want is to walk around looking like a paparazzi! My bag simply looks like a normal messenger bag. Who would have thought that there's a camera in there.

I had people asking me if I could make one for them. My answer is, why not?


Crystal from KIZZ said...

Another Awesome bag... i really love the fabric! Great work!

Kikay Designs said...

Thanks Crystal!
Glad to know somebody likes it.

Michele said...

Absolutely AWESOME!! Love the colors and the fact that it doesn't look like a camera bag! Your creativity is amazing!!
~Michele from By Your Side

Kikay Designs said...

Thanks Michele!
I'm glad you liked the design.