Monday, June 22, 2009

Going ... going ... gone!

Every now and then, I list some of my items on eBay.
Starting prices of my auctions are way below normal prices so it's just like having a SALE!

I currently have a few items on 7-day auctions. Click on the photo to get more details. Don't miss out, grab a bargain!

Going ... going ... gone!


Florrigan said...

How do you find ebay? I haven't listed there, but have thought about it.

Kikay Designs said...

Ebay is full of bargain hunters. Some people will not appreciate the price you put on your handmade item. I only list items on ebay that I would otherwise put on sale or items that I want to dispose to make way for new items. So once in a while, instead of having a sale I put them up for auction on ebay. Sometimes the prices don't go up but there are also times when the prices are more than I expected. Also, I use eBay as a vehicle to advertise my products. I do have a lot of customers who found me through eBay and is now buying my bags directly or from my online shops.