Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Riveting Time

I finally had the chance to play around with the hand press which came all the way from Bulgaria. So I've gone crazy riveting! 

Pressing is easy, as long as the size of your rivet is long enough to accommodate the thickness of the materials (leather + fabric + interface and what have you!). But I managed (aherm!), actually, my elf managed to press them all in place. 

So, is there anything you want me to rivet? :D

This is the cute dotted leather pochette that I made for myself ... notice the twist lock, how cool!

Side staps riveting ... 

and of course, the back as well ...

not to forget some fancy riveting on the straps too!

The Grocery Tote with leather handles and rivets --- nice!

For this cute Pochette, I was planning to put some O-rings. Bu it was too thick and like I said, if it's too thick the size of the rivet should be able to handle it. In this case, it wasn't too long. So no O-rings for this beauty!

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