Friday, March 4, 2011

Limited Edition Goody Clutches

How can you not love these cute clutches? 

I call them the 'Goody' Clutches because the "bling" that you see in every single one of them was taken from a vintage goody clip. I came across a basket of vintage clips and found 10 pieces of these cute hair clips. As soon as I saw them, so unloved in that sale basket, I knew they would look really special as an accent to a clutch. 

This clutch design is new. I just love the size (25 cms x 19 cms) and oh, they are slightly padded with felt, so the shape stays in place and your gadgets are safe inside. 

Inside you will find a zippered pocket (yes, it is zippered) and 2 small slip-on pockets for your phone and stuff. 

So, how can you not love these cute clutches?  


Tanya Kitto said...

LOVE them Monique,Love all the colours you have used :)

Kikay Designs said...

Thanks Tanya!
I agree they're all so attractive.

Kai Xin said...

How much does one clutch cost?

Kikay Designs said...

Hi Kai Xin,
Please check this out for prices