Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Card

Do you like this rustic birthday card? 
I made this cute card for my daughter's birthday today. 

I was thinking, instead of buying her a card from the newsagent, why not make a handmade birthday card. After all, I have so much scrap fabrics which I "hoard" in a big plastic container found under my sewing table. 

This fabric card is made of a combination of felt and fabric. I liked how it turned out to be so rustic-looking and so imperfect. The card is closed with a purse foot. 

I'm glad the birthday girl loved her handmade birthday card especially that there was a $urpri$e for her in that dotted pocket!

1 comment:

Gallerie Marie said...

wow wah!!! love the fabric card so much! it's so handmade and very me!!! :-)