Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop the Clock

Oh no, it's five more weeks to go before the show and things are getting a little bit crazy around my studio. Can we slow down time? The days are going so quickly, it's already mid March. Can you believe it? Someone please stop the clock!

I thought of not stressing out because no matter what, I can only work at my own pace. I can not compromise the quality of my work. You see I have this habit of designing as I go and this actually takes extra time. Even if I had planned ahead, I always end up changing some of the designs or tweaking it a little bit. Whether this is a good or bad habit, all I know is that if I make changes, I am always happy with the finished product.

The mood nowadays is simply ... busy. No time to muck around! 
But of course, I can always spare a few minutes to take beautiful shots just like this flower.


Michele said...

I cannot imagine you doing anything but incredibly well at your show!! Your work is simply STUNNING!!
By Your Side

Kikay Designs said...

Thank you Michele for boosting my confidence!
It's my very first show and I really don't know what to expect so I'm quite nervous.