Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Bracelet to Bags

Of all jewelries, bracelets are my favorites but I also happen to have a phobia of wearing one. You see, I have lost so many bracelets from the most precious to the not so precious. So you can just imagine my fear of losing a bracelet everytime I wear one. 
Lately, I have been so obsessed with Pandora bracelets but I'm just so scared to wear one in case I'd lose it again. So I decided to make myself a "pandora-like" bracelet that I can wear daily without having to stressed out! 
I'm no jewelry designer and I don't think I have the "flair". So I can make only something as simple as this. 

But then my obsession doesn't end there. The beads are just so cute that I decided to hang them in every one of my Tote Bags I call "Tala" (meaning 'Star'). Here they are, aren't they cute?   

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