Friday, July 17, 2009

Have you ever ...

... broke a sewing needle? so far 25 and counting!

... sewn your finger on the fabric? almost.

... lost a scarf while wrapped on your neck? uhmmm 2.

... broke the handle of a hand blender while mixing? once.

... cut your finger with a rotary cutter while cutting fabric? I'm really careful now.

... typed something, well, 2 pages of document on a (single space) and when asked to save you quickly click on 'No'? oh no ... always!

... drank fish sauce thinking it was apple juice? not me, hubby did... haha!

... gone to work in full business suit only to find out you had your slippers on because you forgot to change it after the drive to work? no comment.

... missed your train stop because you fell asleep? once ... okay ... twice ... fine ... 3x!

... forgotten an umbrella? that's why it's not a good idea to give me an umbrella as a present

... lost a bracelet? countless times, including precious ones ... huhuhu.

So I guess I'm the clumsiest person alive, haha!


sue said...

The needle breaking is a regular for me, I am also very good at sewing the clothes I am wearing to the item I am making.
Its a very good look.
Another good one I like to do is crochet with a very fine pointed metal crochet hook...
Have you ever tried to remove a hook from your finger....

Kikay Designs said...

hahaha ... I'm not alone after all!