Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Things I don't leave the house without!

1. Myself - duh!

2. My Blackberry Bold - I'll be lost without my best friend, my personal assistant, my entertainer, my info getter, my help desk, my daily paper, my personal weather forecaster, my navigator ... in short everything is in this nifty gadget!

3. My Super Obese Wallet - all-in-one container: from money (I wish there was more of it!), train tickets (current and expired!), lots and lots of receipts and dockets, paper of any kind, a missing button (?), stamps, notes from kids, pictures, fabric swatches, I wonder who invented the wallet ... must be a genius ?!!

4. My D&G Glasses - as they say, 'Eyes are the Window to the Soul'!

5. My Keys - gateway to the house, to car, to mailbox, the garage door, plus hanging keyrings of all sorts! ... i think you all know what it looks like so there's no pix!
So there ... A little more about me!

1 comment:

Michele said...

I had a wallet like that once, then in a moment of well, stupidity, downsized and now all I want is that old wallet! Do you think I can find another? Of course not!
~Michele from By Your Side