Saturday, June 6, 2009

I heart Succulent Plants!

I love and I'm addicted to Succulents plants. These beauties are just so colourful. Aside from being "crispy" (I could eat them!), they exhibit a variety of forms, shapes, textures and flowers which makes a garden a work of art.

Just as camels store water in their stomaches (yes! you read it right, camels store water in their stomaches not in that big 'ole hump!), succulents store water in their swollen leaves, stems and roots. That is why they can survive the heat.

Although succulents can survive drought (they will if they must!) they could use some TLC every once in a while to keep them attractive and at their best. If you noticed that their leaves are not as crispy anymore, then that's a sign that they are longing for water. So give them a shower ASAP but please don't overwater them or they'll die on you.

Most succulents prefer sunny conditions which brings out their brilliant colors. Here's a tip, do not fertilize these plants if you want them to show off their colors. And just as you need regular hair trim, they too need the occasional pruning.

These plants don't ask for much but if you plant them in a well drained soil (you know, a recipe of top soil mixed with sand, 50:50) they will grow happily. And the best part of all, you can bring out your creativity in your garden by mixing and matching these plants and make your garden a work of art!


Kikay Designs said...

The succulents are beautiful!!  Are the pictures of your yard??  I think if I attempted to plant them here in Portaln, Oregon they may burst from the rain we have had lately!!
~Michele from By Your Side

Kikay Designs said...

Yep if it's too wet, they won't survive.