Wednesday, May 6, 2009

People on the Train

Everyday, I take the train to and from work, it's just like taking the school bus. Day in and day out, I see these familiar faces.

Take this guy with the biggest headphones in the world. I wonder why he bothers wearing the headphones when everyone in the carriage can actually hear his techno music. One day, when the train was full, he was the only guy who offered his seat to the old lady --- moral lesson: don't judge a book by its cover.

Then there's these ladies, all 4 of them. Man, they can really talk! Now if you look on the 5th window seat to the left, is Big Momma. If you want to seat beside her, be prepared to not move until you reach your destination because there is, literally, no room to move.

Ahhh yes, Captain Kirk with his attaché case and morning paper. The first time I saw him, I almost wanted to get an autograph. On the back row, leaning towards the window is one of the 7 dwarfs, Sleepy. When I get on, she's asleep, when I get off, she's still asleep.

And there's little Miss Star who acts like she's a star. Not. One day, I was staring at her handbag, she tried to keep it away from my sight and tucked it under her arms as tight as she could. She must have thought I was going to snatch it. Ha, I was only staring because I was trying to figure out how the pockets were sewn on the sides of her bag.

And of course, the girl who sits in the single seat, back row. Too busy with her blackberry, she almost always misses her stop.

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