Monday, May 4, 2009

Anatomy of a Tote

Today we'll take a close look at a Kikay Tote. This one is made of black corduroy and stripey cotton canvas lining. Like most Kikay Totes, this has loads of pockets.

Outside it has a secret zippered pocket plus an oversized pocket with magnetic snap closure.
Inside it has 2 small sized open pockets for your gadgets such as phone, ipod or pda. Aside from that, it has a medium sized open general purpose pocket. But wait, there's more ... it also has a secret zippered pocket.
Now that's what I call the most "pocketed" tote!

Worried about space? not with this one. This has roomy interiors, measuring approx 15" x 13".
And as usual, it is fully interface with reinforced stitching and overlocked seams.

Are you impressed? I hope so.

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Michele said...

I am IMPRESSED! Love your totes, and a great informative post!
~Michele from "It's in the Bag!"