Friday, May 29, 2009

Kikay Weekly (Issue 03)

When it's a Monday and you're looking forward to a Friday, the wait seem so long. I'm just glad Friday finally came.

During the week, I've released 2 of my new bags both made of 100% cotton canvas fabric in, of course, vivid colors. I love the size of the messenger bag. It just sits comfortably across the body. And as for the Tote, I just love the combination of red and brown.

Last Wednesday was a featured artist day and the talented artist was Lise, a Brit expat living in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Check out her unique jewelry at Lottie's Trinkets.

Guess what? Somebody just awarded me a 'Blog Award'. I was so surprised this morning to get a blog award messsage from ByYourSide Blog. Thanks Michelle, I'm so honoured!

To all Kikay Facebook fans, you may not have noticed it but I have been having difficulty posting on the wall. The fan page was a victim of this never ending Facebook spam and phishing attacks.

I received this email with a link to a .be site. I should have known not to click on the link but can you blame me? The email was sent by one of my friends on facebook. Lucky when I got to the link, I found it to be sus, so I didn't log on and proceed. It doesn't look like I got infected so it's back to normal (I hope!).

If you get an email with a .be site link, simply delete it. One of your friends is infected but not you. Check your sent mails on Facebook. If you find that your account is sending the mails:

- Go to your browser settings and clear your cookies

- Change your Facebook password

- Make sure your antivirus software is up to date and run a full system scan.

Apparently, these scams happens on weekends so beware!

The Facebook Fan giveaway is closing soon. The cute wristlet is all packed and ready to go ... good luck to all who joined!

Before I go, do you want to have some fun? If you're on Facebook, why not change your language setting to English (Pirate)? I think it's hilarious (but then again, I am shallow, haha!). But try it out ... go to the bottom of your page, click on English (or whatever language you currently have) then choose English (Pirate).

Start peerin' into the depths of yer plunderin' and recruit yer landlubbin' mateys to set sail on ye olde Facebook!

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