Sunday, May 10, 2009

Featured Artist every fortnight

I realized that there are hundreds of talented indie artists out there who make gorgeous handmade products daily. As I am an indie artist myself, I know how hard it is to promote myself let alone show my creations to the world. So from next week, every second Wednesdays, I am going to feature an artist. It doesn't matter what you make as long as it is handmade.

As you can see, my blog is free from ads. Although, if you go to the very bottom of my blog page you will find a single tiny line of google ads but that is all the ads you will encounter in this page (that is if you ever notice it!). I intend to make the blog entries to be always the center of attention.

Like I said, kikay designs blog will remain free from advertising clutter and google ads. After all, the main reason I created this blog was not to get income from advertising but to express my thoughts in a variety of topics and of course, talk about and share my creations to my customers, fans and to all who loves handmade bags.

If you're interested to get featured, please drop me a note on If you have a blog, please note that there is absolutely NO obligation for you to feature me too (... but if you insist, I wouldnt mind). I plan to start the first featured artist this Wednesday. If you're interested, please let me know ASAP!


Florence Wang said...

What a great idea! There are so many talented people doing so many unique things. It's so inspiring to see what every one else is up to!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

I agree with you all the way. On my blog that is exactly what I do is feature others and their works so as to bring attention to the great world of handmade. Would love to be freatured on your blog ..and it is always reciprocated. We all work together to gain support.
Crystal from KIZZ

Kikay Designs said...

Supporting each other and promoting one another is the only way we can beat the "big guns"!