Saturday, April 26, 2008

So many things to do, so little time ...

Busy as a bee, that's me!

A lot of things are coming up soon.

First, I will be starting work on May 5. Yes back to my day job! I'm afraid Kikay will (again!) be living in the shadow of my full time job. I wish I didn't have to go back to work but bills will have to be paid.

Second, we may be getting the keys to the house very very soon. It's good because then I can have more space and finally have my own "studio cum office" but it's bad because we will be moving and it's not going to be fun. Yuck, looking at all our stuff and thinking about moving all of it to the new house ... not excited!
That's the house right there, it's almost done!

Third, Mother's Day is coming up and I really want to make the makeup bag I promised my Mother dear. I told her I was going to make it for her birthday last November but it never happened so I said I'll make it just in time for Christmas (yes, you guessed it right!). I promised myself it will be done by Mother's Day (hopefully!).

I planned to make the "Jolly" makeup bag a little bit bigger than this laurel burch tapestry wristlet.
It will have a zipper closure and a flap over as requested!

And lastly, the weather is getting colder and for me, this is the best time to make handmade soaps because it always comes up perfect. So yes, I am multi-tasking. I have started to make soaps since April 23. One 2kg batch at a time. These should be ready by winter and very well cured by Spring. The longer curing time, the better.

This is Lavender and Orange Sweet.
If you noticed it's looks slightly oily. But I'm not bothered by this. Trust me, by the time it is cured it will be hard and dry.

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