Friday, June 24, 2011

There are things a smartphone can't do

I love my Blackberry but there are some things that a smartphone can't do,  like replacing a good old journal. 

A journal is where I write my thoughts and ideas, draw and sketch my designs, jot some notes or for just about anything!

I always take my journal with me but I don't have to put up with boring notebooks because I can have these funky fabric covered journals. 

For the travel bugs, this is great as a travel diary and for those keeping count of their fat or calorie intake, it's a must. What about the master chefs out there? A recipe book perhaps?

For the dreamers, a place to write your thoughts. For the innovators, don't lose those ideas, jot them down! 

And lets not forget the fashionistas, the artists, designers, the mums-to-be, the list just goes on and on.There are some a lot of things that a smart phone can't do.

These funky journals come with a 240 page, sewn (not glued!) hardbound notebook with lined, white paper. When full, you can always refill with an A5 size notebook or journal, yay!

Now available at our online shop.

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