Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pick your favorite Clutch!

The possibilities for this trendy clutches are endless. With or without straps, it is great for just the essentials!  

These are now available at Dawanda and Etsy.


Chantal said...

I recently bought one of your clutches and I just love it! In fact, I am about to buy a second. I sew some clutch bags myself but I can never get them to feel as sturdy but still soft as yours do. I do use interfacing but maybe I am using the wrong kind. Any tips?

Oh and do you design your own patterns? I love the design of the clutches.

Kikay Designs said...

Hi Chantal,
I'm glad to hear you love the clutch. A heavier interfacing will give it more structure and make it sturdy. Use it on both sides.

And yes, this is my original design.