Sunday, November 22, 2009

Motivate me Friday # 6 - Late Edition

It's been a terrible past week for me.
It started with not being able to do some work due to various reasons. One problem on top of the other. So now I am 2 weeks behind schedule. Not good. 

Then I got the nastiest virus in my PC which left me on a standstill. A week with a virus infected computer is not something I would want to have, most especially at this point in time. The virus was a fake message that keeps saying that my PC have all these viruses (which I actually don't) and it just goes on to "scan" but really, it's all a fake! It's just to lure the user to click on the virus scanner to get more and more viruses. And even if you don't really click on it, it would still "scan" so really I was stuffed! Then it just wouldn't stop opening all these rude websites, block all my files, block all websites and most of all, it would also block any legitimate virus scanner I would install. Nasty, nasty ... the nastiest virus I have ever encountered! 

A very stressful week, adding to that a broken car which slapped me with a huge service bill and the finale of the disastrous week, 39 degrees weather! The only good thing about last week was that I was able to get myself a brand new sewing machine for a very, very good price (1/2 the normal price plus $300 worth of bonus) which means that I got my new sewing machine valued at $1299 for only $579.  

Oh well ... sewing must go on! I will upload pictures next time but for now there's a lot of catching up to do. By the way, has anyone noticed my new look blog? I've got exciting news coming soon.

My motivational quote for today:

The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it. ~Mack R Douglas ... (so true!)

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