Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Little Pig is Going to the Arts Market

10 days ago I had a surprised email from an etsy member asking me if I was interested in going to an Arts Market. It turned out that he was the events coordinator for the Blacktown City Council Arts Centre. It actually caught my attention because I didn't want to go to just any markets. I wanted to make sure that the other stallholders were also selling handmade.

This event coincides with the 2009 Blacktown City Art Exhibition. It is going to be the 2nd Annual Arts Market which is going to be held outside the grounds of the Arts Centre. So I thought why not. 

The last 10 days was my most productive days in my entire "kikay" career. Up to now, I am still preparing for this market which is going to be this Saturday, the 10th of October. Hence, my being "quiet". That is, if anyone even noticed (haha!).

Although the stalls have waterproof covers, I hope the weather is going to cooperate. This is my first market and I am excited. Whether I sell or not, I think it is going to be fun for a change!

Good luck to Kikay!


Sheri Carpetenter said...

Good luck at the market. I don't do hand made but I love doing shows and stuff. Have fun and you have some beautiful things!!

Have a great rest of the week

Michele said...

Hope that you did well at the market, I am sure you did!! I agree it is important to find out about whether the stalls are going to be selling handmade items, I learned that the hard way a couple of years ago! I see Ikea fabric in your display! I haven't cut mine yet, but I am excited about it!

Kikay Designs said...

Thanks Sheri and Michele!

I had fun at the market. It went well. Had a few sales and orders here and there. But the most imortant thing I found out after the market was the feedback I got. At least I know people are interested and attracted by the designs, quality and selection of fabrics. It was worth the day!