Friday, October 30, 2009

Motivate Me Friday #3

3 weeks gone, 14 weeks to go till the Craft Show!

I can't believe it's the 30th of October already. One more day then it's November, the second to the last month of 2009. How time flies super fast!
I am quite disappointed at myself because I seem to be progressing slower than a turtle. I've been cutting for a few days now and more supplies have arrived. I have no more excuses. I really need to be more productive if I want to achieve what I want to do by January 2010.

This week's motivational quote is all about self discipline. It made me realized that if I keep on procrastinating, there's only myself to blame if I don't get to where I want to be in the next 14 weeks. These oneliners really hit me, argghhh!

If I had only done today what I set out for yesterday I'd be free tomorrow.
~ Andy Munthe

If you put off everything "till you're sure of it, you'll get nothing done".
~ Norman Vincent Peale

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