Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peek into My World

I have always been an artist (in my own little way!). Although I have no professional training, I've always managed to teach myself all sorts of art.

A few years ago, I took lessons in painting but that did not last long. I was so impatient and I just wanted to paint away! Photography, like painting, have always interest me but since I am busier than a bee, I could not find time to learn it.

Three months ago, my daughter broke my brand new point and shoot camera which gave me the chance (and excuse!) to buy a Digital SLR camera. As usual, I am teaching myself how to use it and hopefully learn to capture beautiful pictures. Again, all in my own time.

Since getting the camera, I haven't had the chance to really use it full on. In between my full time job and Kikay Designs, I am slowly learning at a snail's pace but so far it's been good. No pressure, no stress. Just pure enjoyment and satisfaction!

I have created a personal photo blog to record my progress but mainly to have a place to post snapshots of anything, from my "point of view". Join me in my journey as I learn photography on my own ... peek into my world!

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