Saturday, July 4, 2009

Made Especially for You

I have been "unofficially" accepting custom orders for some time now. I say "unofficial" because I don't advertised it, only if I get asked.

But I have now taken the plunge and I am excited to announce that I will now formally accept custom orders.

As always, it will be made especially for you!

One of my most popular custom order is the wristlet below. Most people just can't get enough of this cute wristlet made from limited edition Laurel Burch tapestry. For those who doesn't want to bring a bag, this is great for just the essentials. You can have a a small wallet, lipstick, your phone and ipod or camera and even your keys can fit in. This wristlet is so versatile, no stress when matching it with an outfit. Take a look at the photos, how cute is that?

1 comment:

Michele said...

Love the wristlet! Be ready to be busy! I have had so many custom orders lately I haven't been able to get my Etsy or Artfire shops open! A couple of custom orders to go, then hopefully I can get an inventory for a shop!
Good Luck!
Love the MUSIC!!