Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Daily Morning Routine

This is my daily routine on a weekday:

Alarm goes off at 5.30 am. I press the snooze button and go back to sleep. When the alarm goes off again and after 2 snooze attempts, I drag myself to the bathroom to take a shower. This would normally take about 10 to 15 mins. Then I change and quickly check emails on my phone. Not that these emails are so important but the LED light keeps on blinking and I just have to make it stop (good excuse!).

Then back to the bathroom to put some facial lotions, make up and what have you. Then dry and fix my hair. This is mandatory. We don't really want to go to work with a bad hair day, do we?

It is now 6.20ish. I'm ready to have my coffee while fixing lunch for the family. Now this part of the routine requires a superwoman like me because everything happens at the same time. I ran to my laptop to turn it on, turn on the coffee maker, heat something on the microwave, turn on the sandwich griller or the mini oven and make 4 different types of sandwiches. Yes, 4 different types because there are 4 people in the family and each one of us have different "tastes" in sandwiches. If only we can agree on a "sandwich for the day"!

By the time I finish this hullabaloo, the time would be around 6.50 am. Yes! I still have time to surf the net until we leave for work at around 7ish.

Yesterday, for some reason, I woke up as soon as the alarm went off so that meant I was like 15 minutes early. I looked at the balcony and the sun was not quite out yet. So I ran and took some photos. This was taken at 6.41 am.


Gallerie Marie said...

What a beautiful sunrise Kiks! :-)

Heart N Sew Designs said...

I gave you a One Lovely Blog Award! Go to my blog for details!