Thursday, June 4, 2009

About Me (Part 2)

'Kalachuchi' in Acrylic, 2003

Here's the second part of my 'About Me' ...

So aside from designing and making handbags, I also love to paint. I never had formal training but I went to Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney to study oil painting. But after one term, I quit. I thought the lessons were too dragging and I just wanted to paint away! So instead I read and bought a lot of books and basically taught myself to paint.

'Mexican Jar' in Oil, 2003
'The Fishing Boat' in Acrylic, 2002

When I first started, my medium was acrylic but I had problems catching up with my paintings. The paints just dried too quickly leaving me no time to manipulate my work. Being an amateur with no training at all, I found it frustrating so I shifted to oil. This time it allowed me more time to paint while I learn. And most of all, I had all the time to fix my mistakes by redoing the whole painting or even start from scratch. And yes, some of them even have layers and layers of overpainting.

'Morroccan Jar and Yucca' in Oil, 2004

Dracaena in Oil, 2003

It's been a while now since I last painted. I hope to open up my art and paint box one day and start painting away!

'Mexican Warrior Mask in Oil, 2004'

'Kikay' in Oil, 2003

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